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Why Are My Muscles Sore?

  I wanted to write this blog because most, if not all new clients starting My Bootcamp in Medford will in fact be sore the day or two after the […]

Quick, Easy & Healthy Snack Ideas

  If you are working hard exercising at my bootcamp in Medford, you must also work hard on your nutrition. Planning, preparing and cooking food the old fashioned way has become difficult […]

Motivation for Bootcamp Medford

  Sometimes its hard to keep up your motivation and continue to exercise consistently.  I have lost motivation at times where I just do not feel like going to the […]

Intermittent Fasting To Shred Fat

Today I would like to talk about Intermittent Fasting (IF) and its benefits it can have for all my Medford Boot-Campers. If you have never heard of (IF), it is […]

Fat Cells And Weight Loss

Have you ever wondered what happens to your fat cells when you lose weight? This is actually a very long answer so I will put it in laymens terms because […]

Bootcamp Medford 6 Meal a Day Myth

I am sure that everyone has been told or read that you must eat 6 meals per day every two hours in order to lose fat. I learned this a […]

It is good to cheat sometimes

To cheat or not to cheat. To me this is an easy one. CHEAT! Actually I take that back. Don’t call it cheat, call it FREE. A Free meal or […]

My 4 Food Swaps To Shrink Your Belly

  Here are my 4 favorite food swaps that will shrink belly fat fast. #1 While most people pick up bacon for their breakfasts, most people know that it isn’t […]

Bored Doing The Treadmill? Try These Ideas

  Treadmills, you either love them or hate them! There are ways you can get pretty creative with your workouts to keep you striving toward your running and/or weight loss […]

Tips for Health and Fitness Maintenance

  *ALWAYS CONSULT YOUR PHYSICIAN BEFORE STARTING ANY EXERCISE OR DIET PROGRAM   You should get at least 30 minutes of exercise / physical activity per day. Take at least […]