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Emotional Eating

  Everyone has done some type of emotional eating including myself. I want to give everyone doing my Bootcamp in Medford some tips to help you get through stressful times […]

5 Ways To Burn Extra Calories Outside Of Bootcamp

  5 Ways To Burn Extra Calories Every Day One of the secrets of getting and staying lean is learning how to burn more calories without actually exercising. Below you’ll […]

30 Days To Change Your Life

30 Days To Change Your Life     With all of the information out there with different opinions it can be really confusing on where to start when trying to […]

Does It Really Matter How Many Calories You Eat Per Day?

  Lets say you are going to my Bootcamp in Medford or going to the gym and your goal is to lose weight. Well in order to lose one pound […]

Beat That Stubborn Fat Medford Bootcampers

  We all have those trouble areas that seem to stick around even when we are eating ow calories and not cheating. This actually might be the problem.(not cheating) If […]

Boston Bootcamp Guys Reasons To Drink Water

  There is one simple yet important step in the process of getting healthy that many people might ignore. This step is drinking enough water. Pretty simple right? Everyone that […]

Bootcamp Medford Nutrition

  I recently finalized my official Burning The Fat Nutrition Method for all Medford Bootcampers. I want to explain a little more on why this method works so well.  There are two […]

Excuses for NOT working out!

  4 Excuses for NOT Working Out! Some people never get to start doing regular exercise for many of reasons. Although sometimes working out is in their New Year’s Resolutions […]

Different Reasons to Exercise

  You know that working out lowers the risk of the top killer diseases of Americans, and it does wonders for burning fat, improving cholesterol profile, keeping blood sugar levels […]

Toss The SUGAR Medford

  If I said that sugar was a new substance that was looking for approval from the FDA, it would not pass, would you believe me? The more and more […]