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To Love My Workout is To Love Myself

I encourage you to stay physically active doing something you love to do. Many people exercise because they have to, and oh how they dread it. Committing to an exercise […]

Finding Time For Fitness

  9 Ways to Find Time For Fitness Time is a precious and with the fast-paced world we live in, most people push their needs — including exercise — to […]

Achieve Your Goals Medford Bootcamp

  Some people may think that goals have a definite time line to accomplish. In part, this is true, but there are certainly ways on how you can quicken the […]

Boston Bootcamp Guy’s Kitchen Makeover

  If you are trying to lose fat, you NEED to watch what you are eating. You can do all types of exercising  but if you are putting “junk” into […]

Bootcamp Medford Workouts

  At my bootcamp in Medford, for the most part we do a high intense workout with quick rests throughout the class (although you can certainly rest as long as […]

15 Ways To Stay Fat

  Everyone wants to be lean, healthy and in shape. Its a lot easier said than done BUT you CAN be in the best shape of your life if you […]

Practice What I Preach

  Fun Time/ bulking/ trying to build muscle is OVER for me. Its time to get back to practicing what I preach. The goal was to gain approx 15 lbs […]

If You Are Not Getting Results

  I want to go over reasons why you may not be getting results from the gym, bootcamp, or any other fitness program you might be doing. First of all […]

Guidelines To Get In Shape Medford

    Summertime is almost over 🙁 Its time to start eating healthy again and getting in shape again for the holiday season. For past and present Bootcamp Medford members, […]

Easy Ways To Get More Protein

  If you are currently a member of my Bootcamp in Medford you most likely have certain goals in mind. If you are looking to build muscle, protein needs to be […]