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  I just sent all bootcamp members an article on important habits to have. I don't like to put the same content I send to members in my blog also. However […]

A Bootcamp For YOU

Members of all fitness levels and ages at Boston Bootcamp Guy are getting great results with FUN, fast paced workout sessions specifically designed to melt away body fat and get YOU healthy! My […]

Members Rewards Board

I already introduced all members to the new Bootcamp Rewards Board but I would like to go over the details one more time. First of all if you do not want […]

Stop Feeling So Guilty

    In this blog I would like to talk about feeling guilty.  Ask yourself if it will do any good to feel so guilty that your day or week is ruined.  So […]

January Contest Results

  Here are January's winners for the Bootcamp Monthly Contest. I will put each category with the winners names below. Remember, we will do this each month with a different Challenge […]

Quick Ways to Cut Calories

  You need to burn 3500 calories to lose one pound of fat. Thats an extra 500 calories you need to burn every day. The fastest ¬†way to accomplish this […]

Fitness Resolution

The New Year is here and you have fitness new years resolution. Lets be honest, most resolution fail. Make this year different. Below are some tips for my Bootcamp in […]

2013 Plans

  The new year is just about here and there will be a couple of changes going on at Boston Bootcamp Guy. A big goal of mine this year is […]

Learn to Read Food Labels

  Do labels like fat free, low fat, reduced fat, light, more, less, high and low make your head spin as you toss food into your carriage?What does it all […]

Dripping in Sweat

  You’re puffing along doing burpees, sprints or that days “finisher” at bootcamp. You are drenched in sweat but someone next to you has only a very little sweat. Whats […]