My name is Dean Rafferty and I have been a personal trainer in the Boston area for more than ten years!

When I first started training clients I helped people with many different goals such as strength training, sports training, and fat loss. Right away though I realized that helping clients lose weight was the most rewarding and life changing for them. To see the look on a clients face when they step on the scale after losing 30 pounds is truly priceless. That’s the point I started taking on clients that only wanted to lose fat and become fit.

In 2008 I found myself in a situation that many of my clients find themselves in. I actually started turning to food, especially high fat, high sugar foods to help me feel better when I got stressed out or when I was having a bad day. At the moment it actually worked, I would feel good and my mood would literally shift from sad or mad to happy and motivated. The problem was when I came down from my food “high” I felt awful physically and worse emotionally than before I binged on the junk food in the first place. I started to gain weight, lose motivation and my mood in general was getting more negative each day. I would tell myself “this is the last time, I’m getting back on my regular diet tomorrow“. I think I told myself that almost everyday for a year or so. This became a big problem as I was now an emotional eater with little confidence, no energy, no motivation at all and 70 pounds heavier. This was a very low point in my life and I knew it was going to be extremely difficult to get back into my old healthy ways of eating.

I knew if I could get through the first three weeks of eliminating junk food no matter how I was feeling, it would get a lot easier. As difficult as it was, it did get easier as the days went by. Just like in my college days I researched, read books and learned a lot more on the effects of food on the body but also on the brain and emotions. It took about 7 months to lose almost 70 pounds, get my confidence back, gain tons of energy and actually love living a healthy lifestyle again! One reason that I am grateful that I went through this experience is that I now have first hand knowledge of how hard it really is to change your eating patterns in order to lose weight. I’m living proof that anyone can change the way they eat and live, as well as become very fit and healthy.


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