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I broke my ankle in September and wasn't given the clear to workout again until mid March. I was really nervous about working out again but Dean goes out of his way to make sure EACH member gets the type of workout they need and can do. His nutrition tips are super easy to follow and realistic.  He's a great teacher and the attention he gives to members makes you feel more like he is a one-on-one personal trainer than a class instructor.  I got my boyfriend to sign up too and he loved the class just as much!  Since starting his classes I have completed 5 5-10k obstacle races (Spartan Race, SuperHero Scramble etc). I would recommend his classes to anyone who is looking to get in shape no matter where you are in your fitness level!

Stefanie Gable, Medford


I have attended Boston Bootcamp Guy (Dean Rafferty's class) since January, at least 3 times a week and not one single class has been the same, which is very refreshing and the least monotonous fitness class I have ever been to.  I am not a fitness freak, but Dean's class is user friendly to all levels of fitness and I have definitely seen results in inches and pounds lost.  The 45 minute class goes by fast and there is definitely a group unity feeling with the participants in the class.  I never thought I would be one to spend hard earned money on fitness (like more than $10 a month at planet fitness) but Boston Bootcamp Guy is well worth the cost for the variety of workouts, the 3 times a day and 4 times a week that you can attend the class, and the RESULTS!

Keri Lemasters, Wilmington

I was always pretty active when I was younger. But after 25 years of sitting at a desk for most of my workday I though it was time for a change. My wife and I took the step of joining Boston Bootcamp Guy early last summer and we're glad we did. We lost weight, look and feel more fit and have noticeably more energy throughout the week. One of the best things about the workout is that they are never the same twice. Dean is always putting in new moves to keep it interesting. He's a motivator without being a drill instructor.

Bruce Roberts, Medford


I really enjoyed the workouts. I learned new exercises I can do on my own. I noticed after a few classes that I was getting better at certain activities which felt good. I felt challenged during the classes and had a sense of accomplishment at completion. I lost weight and can definitely notice more toning throughout my body, especially my arms and stomach. Others have also noticed these changes, which always feels good. I also have started running which I have never been able to do for more than a couple minutes without stopping but now I can go for 20 plus minutes! I would definitely recommend this class. It gets results in a shorter amount of time than when I would just go to the gym. It also provides information on healthy eating which is very important to me because food is a big part of my life.
Jennifer Cacioppo

“I love bootcamp.  I have tried everything from gym memberships to at home DVDs and workout equipment but this is the only thing that has motivated me to get my body in shape.  Dean Rafferty does a great job of making each class unique, challenging and yes, fun.  This is not a scream-in-your-face bootcamp.  Dean is enthusiastic and motivational and offers nutritional support to help you meet your goals. I can’t recommend Dean and his Bootcamp enough.”

Jacqui Falco, Medford


"I’m having a lot of fun at Bootcamp Medford and I am losing weight, too!  I like the fact that the exercises are always different so it isn’t repetitive.  It’s hard to pull my head off the pillow for the early morning workouts but I feel good all day so it’s worth it.  Dean comes up with challenging workouts and he delivers them in an easy-going and encouraging manner.  It’s a positive atmosphere and I love the fact that I’ve already bought a pair of pants in a smaller size."

Rebecca, Medford