If you are trying to lose fat, you NEED to watch what you are eating. You can do all types of exercising  but if you are putting “junk” into your body, the exercise you are doing  simply can’t compete with the amount of calories in “junk” food.  Below I will tell you what foods to put in your cabinets and refrigerator in order to successfully lose bodyfat.

Remember: What is not in your house, you cannot eat!


The list

The Good:

Skim Milk

Eggs and or Egg Beaters

Spray Butter    

Low Fat Cottage Cheese

Low Sugar Yogurt

Low Fat Cream Cheese

Low Fat String Cheese

Fat Free Cream

Lean Meats


Diet Soda

Plain Oatmeal

Wheat Pasta

Pirate Booty (great replacement for cheese curls) 

Wheat Breads


Sweet Potato

Stevia (sugar replacement)

High Fiber/ Low Sugar Cereals

Natural Peanut Butter



The Bad

White Breads

“Skippy” Peanut Butter

Nutella  ( I hear this is really good so I won’t try it. If you have, keep out of house until Cheat Day 🙂

Granola Bars

Cereal Bars


Ice Cream ( My favorite. I can’t have this in my house 🙂


Low Fat Cookies

100 Calorie Snacks  (Way too much sugar)   


High Sugar Cereals (Fruity Pebbles, Frosted Flakes, Honeynut Chereos….)

Whole Milk



Regular Soda

Fruit Juices


Take all junk food out of your house until your cheat day. If its not in your house you can’t eat it!!


Written By Dean Rafferty         10/29/12