I want to go over reasons why you may not be getting results from the gym, bootcamp, or any other fitness program you might be doing. First of all if you can commit to 3-4 days every week to exercise, there is NO reason why you can’t see results (fat loss, better conditioning, lean muscle gain) You don’t need to workout every day in order to see results. For some, working out 5-7 days per week works out great, but for most its too difficult, especially with such busy lives most have. I believe 3-4 days per week is a perfect amount of workouts in order to get great results and to prevent getting “burnt out”.

If you want to lose weight(fat), you have to be realistic. You should have a goal of  losing 1-2 pounds of fat every week. There are alot of supplements, fad diets, and workout DVD’s out there that claim you will/can lose 20-30 pounds of fat in a month. This is not realistic. Sure you can lose lots of scale weight but very rarely will you lose more than 2-3 pounds of pure fat in a week. You might lose some fat, lots of water weight, and muscle tissue ( a big no no) but not pure fat.  One thing to point point of however is that you might not lose exactly say 2 pounds every week consistently. One week you might lose a pound, week 2 you might lose 2 pounds, week 3 you migh lose 3 pounds and some weeks you might not lose anything. You have really average it out over 2-4 weeks. Remember some weeks you might not have burned as many calories as the previous week. Also you could be holding some water from eating too much sodium(canned food,packages food) in a particular week. Keep that in mind if you are weighing yourself on a weekly basis.


If you are NOT losing anything (weight or inches) than you have to look at why:

Reasons You Might Not Be Getting Results:

1- You might be eating too many calories– Remember you must burn and additional 3500 calories in order to lose 1 pound of fat. That comes to burning an extra 500 calories per day for a week. You can do this by eating less, moving more(exercise) or doing both.

2- You might be eating too much sugar– When you eat sugar, your insulin levels rise. When our body senses this spike, it immediately responds with an attempt bring the blood sugar back down. This means the liver is told to remove sugar from our blood. The spike in blood sugar triggers such a dramatic release of insulin that our bodies essentially over-compensate. Our blood sugar level goes way down to below a normal level. This may make you feel tried, shaky, and worst of all hungry. If you are hungry, you eat and this obviously results in taking in too many calories.

The other issue with sugar besides making you hungry again shortly after eating, the elevated insulin levels tell our body to store the sugar as fat and burn muscle for energy instead. So our body will keep and increase the amount of fat, even if the number of calories are lowered.

The best thing to prevent this cycle is to lower the amount of sugar you consume. Some fruit is fine because its still has plenty of vitamins and fiber. “Junk” food on the other hand has virtually no vitamins and is stripped of all its fiber. Keep the junk food to one day per week (“cheat” or “free day”)

3- You might not be burning enough calories per week– You should burning at least 500 calories (more like 800) each time to workout depending on how intense the workout is. If you are eating healthy and “less calories”, working out 3 days per week and still not losing fat than you should add a 4th day, drop some more calories or increase the intensity of your workout.

Remember that you do NOT have to workout every day to see great results. Working out 3-4 days every week is plenty of exercise to lose fat, gain muscle tissue and become healthy. Another thing to keep in mind is the leaner you are getting, weight loss tends to slow down a bit. So if you have already lost say 15-20 pounds than you might notice it taking longer than a week to lose a pound.

If you do lose one pound in a weeks time, don’t get upset. This is what one pound of fat looks like:








By  Dean Rafferty     8/28/12