If you are currently a member of my Bootcamp in Medford you most likely have certain goals in mind. If you are looking to build muscle, protein needs to be a big focus in your diet. However you might not realize this but if you are trying to lose fat, protein might even be more important in your diet than when trying to build muscle. Typically when building muscle, you will consume a higher amount of carbohydrates in your diet than when you are trying to lose fat. (This does not mean you need to go on a low/no carb diet in order to lose fat) The more carbs that you consume, the less protein your body needs. On the other hand when losing fat and consuming “less” carbohydrates, you will need more protein in order to maintain or even build muscle tissue. This is important to know because the more muscle you have = the more calories that you will burn throughout the day by doing nothing 🙂


Below are easy ways to get more protein in your diet:

#1 Add protein powder
One of the simplest, yet tastiest, ways to consume more protein in your diet, is to consume a scoop or two of a protein powder per day. There are many flavors and delicious recipes using protein powder. If you do not have my Protein Recipe Ebook, let me know and I will email it to you.


#2 Add cottage cheese
Another way to boost your protein intake quickly, is to serve some cottage cheese, mixed with natural yogurt, some fruit, and a few almonds.

Since cottage cheese contains more protein per serving than yogurt, by mixing the two together you increase the protein content of this snack by around 5 to 10 grams, without dramatically increasing the overall calorie content.

Then, sprinkling some almonds over the top will add a small amount of extra protein, and more importantly, a healthy source of fat.


#3 Add egg whites

Most soups are lower in overall protein content, so adding some egg whites works really well to fill you up and increase the nutrient content. This is an excellent way to make your meal more nutritionally balanced.

Simply bring the soup to boil, and once it’s ready, drizzle the egg whites in. They will quickly begin cooking, and as soon as they are white in color, the soup is ready to eat. You can also make scrambled eggs using 2 eggs and 3 egg whites which will give you a good amount of protein.


#4 Add Kidney Beans

Kidney beans actually have a good amount of protein. It also has a very high amount of fiber which is important in a healthy diet.

You can simply add kidney beans to a piece of grilled chicken and you will consume a high protein and high fiber meal.


Eating a healthy protein diet doesn’t have to be such a difficult challenge.  Its an important aspect of losing bodyfat and maintaining muscle. Every meal that you eat, ask yourself if there is a good amount of protein, low sugar and healthy fat. If you do you will be on your way to becoming healthy and lean 🙂


Written By: Dean Rafferty     8/7/12