We all have those trouble areas that seem to stick around even when we are eating ow calories and not cheating. This actually might be the problem.(not cheating) If your goal is to lose more of the stubborn fat that just never seems to disappear, then it becomes even more important to really focus on the right kind of eating & exercise and increasing the right hormonal responses for fat burning to those stubborn fat cells! One thing that I would like everyone doing my bootcamp in Medford to know about is a hormone that could be slowing down fat burning called Leptin. Before explaining what leptin is and why it can slow down fat burning I will tell you one fun trick to fix it it. Have a cheat day 🙂


When on a restricted calorie diet make sure you give yourself a cheat day every week. This does two things (1)- keeps you on your diet knowing you can still eat your favorite foods every week. (2) Increases LEPTIN levels. Leptin is a hormone in your body and when this horemone gets low, it can hault your weight loss progress. What happens is when leptin levels lower, your metabolism slows down, energy go down and growth hormone lowers. This is all because of this powerful hormone called Leptin. If you are dieting and you stop losing weight, and feel sluggish its because your leptin has lowered. This is why its so important to give yourself a cheat DAY every week. Research has shown that leptin levels drop up to 50% in 7 days. A cheat day say on Sunday’s skyrockets your leptin levels again and your metabolism speeds back up 🙂

When Leptin Levels Are High Good Things Happen:

Fat burning is greatly increased

Muscle building is greatly increased

Sex drive goes up

Energy levels go up


So remember, high leptin levels is what we want but in order to lose weight we need to eat less calories. Therefore to accomplish both of these two important things, make sure you have one scheduled cheat day every week eating lots of calories.


Written by Dean Rafferty        6/12/12