Surviving Thanksgiving


I know lots of trainers out there will tell their clients how to eat “good” on Thanksgiving but in all honesty not many will still "diet" on Thanksgiving so below is a survival guide I put together. All Bootcamp in Medford and Reading members should do this!! Have fun, eat lots and enjoy time with your family WITHOUT worrying about how much you eat. But get back on track Friday!!



Here is a survival guide for the Holiday this week.



Goal – Not to gain any fat



The Plan:

  1. Eat less on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday – Eat lots of low fat protein but lower carb intake. Try to eat a couple of pieces of fruit and lots of veggies these days.
  2. Drink lots of water
  3. GO to Bootcamp or wherever to workout.


** Important:  (The day after Thanksgiving)

  • Drinks lots of water​
  • Make sure you workout to sweat all of the extra water weight you gained from Thursday
  • Your body will crave sugar from eating so much on Thursday so do this:
  • Eat fruit when you crave sugar (this will make craving go away)
  • Eat lots of protein (this will keep you feeling full)

Remember This:

One day of feasting can turn into a week very easily. This is why its important not to give into your cravings on Friday. If you give in and eat junk on Friday, it will turn into Saturday and so on. Once you get through Friday without "cheating" your cravings will vanish and you will feel great!!




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Written By Dean Rafferty  on 11/24/13

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