I would like to start recognizing members of Boston Bootcamp Guy's success stories regularly. Today I want to congratulate Amy Rosenblatt MacDougall for working hard and getting great results so far. Amy has been coming to Bootcamp in Medford and Reading for 5 months or so and is extremely consistent as she never misses a workout.

Read on to learn more about Amy's experience so far in her own words:


1) What has your experience been with Boston Bootcamp Guy so far?

Love it!!! I am averaging a weight loss of 3 pounds a month. I started in April and have lost a solid 15 lbs to date. I sleep better, I eat better, I feel better, etc.


2) What are your biggest achievements?

Weight loss, better sleeping, more energy, clothes all fit better. 


3)  What was your life like when you started? How has it changed? Think of the changes you’ve made with your fitness, health, nutrition, etc., and what you can do now that you weren’t able to do previously.

When I first started boot camp I could barely do 3 jumping jacks, 2 push ups, planks I could barely get up for a second… now I can hold a plank a good amount of time, and the rest of exercises I have improved immensely at.

I sleep wonderfully now, I actually pass out every night. I eat better now also. When I do eat foods I shouldn't (which I still do here and there) I feel terrible. I wish I never ate bad foods almost immediately after, they don't taste as good, they make me feel heavy and gross, and I should've saved my money (with regards to eating out). I crave fruits and salads and enjoy them more now.

Shopping for clothes is becoming more fun now too since they fit better. I don't have to just shop for shoes and hats now. When clothes don't fit well that's what I do shoes and hats.


4) What are the biggest obstacles or fears that you had to overcome?

Intimidation, competition etc. The classes are so inviting the other group members are so supportive. While there are a few that are competitive there isn't a real air of competition in the classes. The members are all great! There is a healthy sense of guilt pressure if I miss a class, which is what I need. 


5)  What is the biggest change you have made?

Exercising regularly, classes and above and beyond that too. I eat better. I make myself sleep more. I have been consistent in attending a minimum amount of days per week. I am committed!


6) What have you enjoyed most along the way?

Everything…. the people in the groups, the variety of exercises. Dean is GREAT! The changes in routines, never the same thing 2 days in a row. I like being told which exercise to do next. I like doing new things all the time. I like that he times us and that everything we do are just short spurts. We take enough breaks but we work a sweat up EVERY time. I never used to sweat. I never liked anything cardio. Now I love it!


7) What advice would you give to someone just starting their own journey at Boston Bootcamp Guy?

Just try it, give it a couple of weeks… they say anything you do for 21 days is habit forming or habit breaking. Give it a chance you will feel better, look better and be better. The main reasons I did this, as well as to live longer.


Thank you so much for sharing Amy!! You are proving hard work pays off!!



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