Do NOT quit – Its easy to say F it and give up. Everyone feels that way at times. Fight through that and think of how happy you will feel when you reach your goals. Just remember you are NOT the only one that one time or another wants to give up. Fight through it, keep going forward and you will reach where you want to be. 

Give yourself time and be realistic – Losing fat, getting in shape and transforming your body takes time. Do not look at unrealistic situations like the Biggest Loser and think its possible to lose 15-20+ pounds in a week. In the real world its not. On that show they literally exercise up to 8 hours a day and are on extremely low calorie diets monitored by doctors on scene. A good realistic goal to have is 1-2 pounds of fat lost per week. Thats is a good amount (if you have not seen my 1 pound of fat replica let me know and I will show you)

  • On the other hand of realistic, you also have to realize that in order to lose that 1-2 pounds of fat per week, you have to fix your diet. Making simple changes can make a huge difference in losing fat. I have nutrition programs that you can follow. You should be on some type of nutrition plan and that does not mean you have to eat veggies all day. You can still eat your favorite foods and still get results. I can help you with all nutrition plans and questions you have.


Do NOT skip workouts!! Ask yourself the following questions if you have the urge to skip a workout.

Will skipping this workout help or hurt? – You may need to workout to stay on track or you may genuinely need a day to rest, recover and come back stronger. Most likely NOT skipping will help reach your goal.  

How will I feel?  – You may not want to workout right at that moment, but how will you feel later?  Guilty?  Regretful?  Think of that before you decide

Why am I avoiding exercise?  – Are you tired? I'm sure lots of people at the gym or at Bootcamp are also tired. You will feel great after your workout and be very energetic. 


If you do skip a workout, make sure you:

  • Get back on track as soon as you can.  Ease into it and give yourself time to build back your strength and endurance, both mentally and physically

  • Forgive yourself – Rather than waste time on guilt, treat yourself the way you would a friend in the same situation

  • Learn from it – Its only a bad thing if you keep repeating it.  Figure out what went wrong and plan ways to avoid it in the future 

Getting in shape takes hard work and commitment. Don't let the informecials or unrealistic claims by new products or personal trainers out there misinform you. If you work hard, make simple changes to your diet, be consisitent, and set realistic goals, than you WILL eventually reach your ultimate goal!!



Written By:  Dean Rafferty on 7/22/13