If I said that sugar was a new substance that was looking for approval from the FDA, it would not pass, would you believe me? The more and more that I read and learn about sugar, the more I am convinced that it would NOT pass. The reason being is that it is both physically and psychologically altering. If anyone is doing my Bootcamp in Medford and wants to lose fat, reduce your sugar intake.

Here’s what sugar does to you:

  • Pure white sugar causes the body to dump a lot of insulin into your system. Insulin is the hormone that  causes your body to store fat.
  • Sugar causes blood glucose to spike then plummet. In other words, you get a “high” followed by  a crash.(energy to tired)
  • Sugar increases the risk of obesity, diabetes, and heart disease.
  • A high sugar diet actually results in a chromium deficiency in the body
  • If you need something sweet have some fruit.Yes it contains sugar, but it is a natural sugar with  naturally produced enzymes included that help you digest it.
  • Sugar causes tooth decay.
  • Sugar can cause gum disease, which can lead to heart disease.
  • Sugar weakens the immune system.(Try fighting a cold after consuming large amounts of sugar)
  • Sugar creates inflammation and free radicals, which ages us.
  • Sugar affects behavior and cognition in children.
  • Sugar increases stress and can cause depression.
  • Sugar takes the place of important nutrients.

So do you want to lose body fat? Try cutting out sugar and see what happens!

As you can see, sugar is bad news. If you want to lose fat, get healthy, feel better, and have a strong immune system, do yourself a huge favor, give it up!! At least try to limit the amount of sugar you consume per day. Work your way down to 50-75 grams or less per day. It will be very hard at first but once you kick the habit, you will be thankful you did.


Written By: Dean Rafferty         Date:      3/26/12