Sometimes its hard to keep up your motivation and continue to exercise consistently.  I have lost motivation at times where I just do not feel like going to the gym, lifting weights and doing boring cardio. When this happens, the most important thing you can do is fight through it the first day and do whatever it takes to get yourself to the gym, bootcamp or where ever you workout. If you give in that first day, chances are it will turn into 2 days, a week and even months before getting back on track. If this happens to any of myMedford fitness bootcamp clients, call me or email and I will help you. I’m hear to support you all 24/7, so please remember that. Below are some tips on getting your motivation back!


Tips to Get Your Motivation Back!

Sometimes you start a new activity such as a fitness bootcamp or training for a 5k race with loads of enthusiasm that gives you a really good start.  But soon, all that motivation, energy and enthusiasm begins to disappear. You misplace your motivation; you procrastinate and finally give up. Is that what you wanted to achieve in the first place? Of course not.

Don’t be disappointed, you are not the only person on who feels unmotivated at times. Like I said earlier, I also do at times. Here are the some ideas to regain your motivation and get back on the right path.

Get Inspiration

Inspiration comes from two sources. One, when you look at someone who has already achieved what you want to look like, you get a jolt of energy to be fit and healthy like that person. If you lose your motivation, try reading the books, magazines and blogs of these personalities. Their rough phases in life, struggles, and accomplishments will remind you of your own progress and what you should be doing.

Another thing that has all the powers to inspire you is your love for what you want to achieve. You can’t resist yourself from hitting the gym if you are passionate to have six pack abs or muscular arms.

Break It into small goals

It’s natural to feel demotivated when the goal looks like a mountain and your heart is uncertain whether you can climb up it. At this point you need to keep on going, no matter what. Breaking the journey into small achievable goals does the job of keeping you motivated along the way. It becomes easy to stay focused as you reach smaller goals to eventually get to the BIG one.

Use Your Past Memories of Success to Motivate Yourself

Yes, this technique can really change the way you think about yourself. Reminiscing the moments of your past achievements can work wonders to get your motivation back. Take out an old picture of when you were in the best shape of your life. Look at that picture every morning and every time you do not feel like working out. It doesn’t matter how old you were in the picture. Its NEVER to late to get in the best shape of your life.

Share Your Goals

Share your goals and plans with your family, friends and relatives. You can tell it to a larger audience through facebook or twitter  if you have one. Don’t just commit and forget, keep giving them regular updates on your progress. This will help a lot with keeping on track. Give updates every couple of weeks to everyone.

Join a gym, Fitness Bootcamp or Hire a Personal Trainer

If you find it hard keeping with a program on your own, than join one. If you are paying for something, chances are you will stick to it. If you find yourself still getting unmotivated, than if you have a trainer, tell him or her. As I mentioned earlier, if anyone doing Smash The Fat in Medford is having a hard time getting to bootcamp or eating the right foods, please call or email me. I’m here to help you and keep you accountable.

Many people lose their motivation as soon as the initial excitement wears off. But you don’t have to waste weeks waiting for your motivation to come back. Find out what it is that misplaced your motivation and apply one or more of the above tips to get it back.

Written By: Dean Rafferty on March 6 2012