Have you ever wondered what happens to your fat cells when you lose weight? This is actually a very long answer so I will put it in laymens terms because it gets confusing to read and write. When we lose body fat, the fat cell does not go anywhere. The fat cell actually stays where it is.(under the skin, in your stomach, hips or wherever you have access fat, and on top of your muscles.) This is why you can’t see muscle definition when your body fat is too high. As you lose fat, your muscles start to appear because thay are not blocked anymore.
Fat gets stored in the fat cell. When we exercise and burn more calories than we eat, fat is released from the fat cell through complex biochemical pathways. When neccesary to do so, the fat cell releases its contents(triaglycerol) into the bloodstream as free fatty acids. These free fatty acids are now transported through the blood to the tissues in our body where energy is needed and the fat is now burned as energy.
The key to burning body fat is to make your body need energy by eating fewer calories than you are burning. When you do this, your body releases hormones and enzymes that signal your fat cells to release your fat reserves instead of keeping them stored. Think of your fat cells as balloons and every time you burn more calories than you are consuming, the balloon releases air and starts to get smaller. So next time you are exercising, picture air coming out of the balloon(fat cell) and soon enough the balloon will shrink to almost nothing, you will see your muscles and look and feel strong and healthy.