In this blog I would like to talk about feeling guilty.  Ask yourself if it will do any good to feel so guilty that your day or week is ruined.  So your diet is going very good lately but today you gave in and ate some pizza or some cookies. This doesn't mean that your diet is ruined. It means you made a decision to indulge, but its over, and you now can move on and continue your healthy eating. There is no point in feeling guilty because you messed up. It won't take away the calories you just swallowed. Believe me, I used to be like this, especially if I missed a workout. Sometimes I do still feel guilt or angry if I miss my workout or cheat on my non-scheduled cheat day but I know its not going to ruin anything as long as I get right back on track and make up for those extra calories you ate. If I happen to miss a workout now, I just eat a little less that day or the next and the guilt won't be there, or at least not as bad. Try your hardest to follow your nutrition and workout plans, but if you do happen to mess up on your diet or skip a bootcamp class, just move on and get right back on schedule. No one is perfect and there will be times that you "cheat" on your diet, but the main thing to remember is, as long as you are eating healthy 80-90% of the time, eating a little unscheduled junk shouldn't ruin anyone's day. Do not make a habit of it though!!


Quick ways to burn the extra calories you may have consumed during the week:

  • Go to a Saturday Bootcamp class.
  • Park far away from the store or your office so you walk more
  • Take the stairs instead of the elevator
  • Do jumping jacks (if you're alone:) during all commercials when you are watching TV
  • Eat a smaller dinner
  • Spend an extra 15 minutes at the gym 
  • Skip breakfast the next day (Yes breakfast) The most important meal of the day is break-fast. (the first meal you eat during the day, breaking your fast while you sleep) not necessarily a meal at 8am.
  • Eat 500 calories less on your scheduled cheat day that week


Eating "junk" or skipping a bootcamp class should be out of the norm. It might happen at times but you should commit making exercise and eating healthy a part of your day such as brushing your teeth is!!


Written by  Dean Rafferty    on 2/5/13