The New Year is here and you have fitness new years resolution. Lets be honest, most resolution fail. Make this year different. Below are some tips for my Bootcamp in Medford members and for anyone else trying to set and reach new goals.
1- Ask yourself why – First thing to do after deciding what your goal/resolution is, is to ask yourself why you want to accomplish this goal. What will you feel like when you reach your goal and stick with your resolution. List all the ways your life will be better. Every morning and/or night read this list. By reading this everyday it will keep you motivated to stick with plan.
2- Set a realistic goal/ resolution – Do not set yourself up for failure. It can take 4-6 weeks to before you really start to notice physical changes from exercise. Keep in mind that if you are looking to lose weight, a realistic goal is to lose 1-2 pounds per week. You can lose more however the realistic number to shoot for is a pound or two. (also keep in mind that 1 pound of fat is approx the size of a coffee cup) If you stick to your plan, you should start to feel your pants getting a little loser. Remember, keep your goal realistic. A good goal depending how much fat you need to lose is 8 pounds per month.
3- Set small goals to get to your big goal – If you have a goal for the new year to lose 50 pounds, do NOT concentrate on the 50 pounds that you want to lose. Instead set small goals of 5-10 pound loss every month until you reach your ultimate goal of 50 pounds. This is also a good idea to do because each time you reach a small goal, your confidence will go up and you will more likely stick to your resolution.
4- Join a bootcamp, runners club or any structured program– Join a program that keeps you motivated and accountable. If you have an appointment, a scheduled session at a bootcamp, that you paid for you will more likely go. Doing an exercise program or going to a gym on your own is a good step, however it can be very difficult to stick with and too easy to say ” I’ll just go tomorrow” During your journey you will need motivation, encouragement, support and tricks to get you their fasting.
5- Believe in yourself– Every single person can reach a realistic resolution. We can all reach goals and change the way we eat and live. You need to believe in yourself. If you are new to exercise and healthy nutrition who cares? At some point everyone is new to a healthy lifestyle. Make the plan, stick with it no matter what and you will see and feel the benefits. Let alone become a healthy and happier person
The above strategies are great for your New Years Resolution but also for all of  my bootcamp members. I would like everyone to implement these in your overall plan at bootcamp and it will be a lot easier for you to reach your goals.

For any questions and/or advise feel free to email or call me anytime.


Written by Dean Rafferty  on 12/30/12