Ghrelin is a hormone produced in the stomach and is responsible for telling the brain that the body has to be fed. Thus, the level of this secretion increases before eating and decreases after. I would like to have all my Bootcamp Medford clients learn more about Ghrelin because its an important hormone that controls our hunger. Its especially important to know its role when and if you do the Intermittent Fasting Nutrition Plan as I do. When I explain to people about I.F, I often get weird looks and the question, won’t I be starving not eating for 16 hours or so every day? The answer to that question is you will be hungry but only for a short period of time.

I have said in the past that eating every 2-3 hours is a perfectly fine way to eat and lose weight. I lived this way for 10 years. And as I lived this way day in and day out, I found myself  getting hungry every 2-3 hours. Why? Because I was trained to be hungry every 2-3 hours. This has everything to do with the hormone Ghrelin (AKA) The Hunger Hormone and the hormone that predicts when you are hungry.

Your Ghrelin secretion schedule largely follows your eating schedule, and it responds fairly quickly, so even after a few days of following a different meal schedule, your body will adapt to the eating changes. Every time Ghrelin is secreted it creates a hunger response. The more often you delay your hunger response the more you train your body to deal with hunger affects of Ghrelin. You can literally train your body when to be hungry and when to be satisfied. This creates nutritional freedom and a big advantage when trying to lose fat.

For anyone afraid of trying Intermittent Fasting because you think you will be too hungry, just remember it will not last long. You can re-train your body when to become hungry. I start to get hungry around lunchtime everyday now because I literally re-trained myself  when to become hungry.  If I started eating every 2 hours again, in a couple of weeks I would start to become hungry every 2 hours.

This blog isn’t to say that if you start Intermittent Fasting you will never again be hungry in the morning because at times you will be, as I am sometimes. (If this happens simply have a cup of coffee or some sugar free gum and it will pass) Just know that it does get easier and eventually becomes habit.