Some people may think that goals have a definite time line to accomplish. In part, this is true, but there are certainly ways on how you can quicken the process. You can achieve more great things by focusing on the current goal and getting it done, without any compromise. Here are some guidelines that you can use yourself.


Step One: Forming a Team is important because you can rely on other people with similar goals to push you through. Every class at bootcamp is a “team”  that will help one and other and push each other. You can also create pairs so that one can look out for the other, therefore helping each other make good decisions. This is why I enjoy the bootcamp atmosphere. Everyone is there for the same reason. To get healthy and fit and to stay healthy and fit. Its fun when you can all help each other.


Step Two: (Finding Shortcuts) Some goals actually have shortcuts that you can use to reach more quickly. These are not quick fixes, but can help the entire system respond in a more conducive manner, thereby boosting the process. For example, there are no short cuts to permanent weight loss, but you can do some techniques that will speed up the fat loss. Some of the approaches include using HIIT or high intensity interval training, instead of the traditional cardiovascular exercise.This is similar to the type of training we do at my Bootcamp in Medford.  HIIT burns more fat and raises your metabolism higher and for longer periods of time. Your body will respond to the exercise faster. As a personal trainer I am always learning the latest techniques in exercise in order to get my clients faster results.


Step Three: Consistency, discipline and dedication always give you faster and better results. If you want to lose weight and get healthier faster, you have to commit to going to at least 3 bootcamp classes every week.  You also have to be disciplined enough to say no to having “pizza” during week and wait until your “cheat day” This way you will reach your goal faster, feel great and be healthy.


The process of reaching fat loss goals may seem overwhelming at first, but you CAN do it. It also is a fun process seeing your body change and literally get healthy every day.


Written By Dean Rafferty     11/6/12